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Learn Magic with Education 3.0 for Extra Outcome

Our magic lessons are offered by professional magicians who are trained by our Education 3.0 model. The lessons teach students of all ages how to perform close-up magic tricks with a deck of cards, coins, napkins, pencils, and much more. Some of the magic effects include prediction, transportation, and mentalism. We also cover topics such as the psychology behind magic and public speaking. In our Education 3.0 magic lessons, students can build self-confidence, foster creativity, develop fine and gross motor skills, and develop public speaking skills.

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Magic Lessons for Schools

For schools that are looking for opening magic classes for after-school programs through our Education 3.0 program, please contact us below.

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Step 1: submit an online application

Submit an online application, and we will review your application and match you with an educator with our most updated availabilities within 24 hours after submission.

Step 2: meet your educator

The first lesson is an opportunity for our educators, students & parents to get to know each other. Educator will discover the needs and level of students and create personalized curricula and education plans.

Step 3: enjoy learning & stay informed

The educator will record student's learning process and adjust education plan and curricula based on student's performance & parents' feedback.


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