In order to improve education quality, we need to know what does and doesn't work in various aspects of education. This is why we established connections with professors, K-12 teachers, after-school program leaders, summer camp counselors, and school administrators from both public and private schools in different countries to help us analyze and understand what we can improve in our current education system.


Students are at the center of education, so addressing their concerns is critical to our mission’s success. We consider opinions of students from different educational backgrounds to understand their learning process. Working with college students also helps us understand what factors matter in terms of employment and prepare students for their futures.



Our parent’s community is a space for parents to share their child’s learning experiences from different schools, programs, teachers and education tools. We are currently working on building a platform that allows parents to help each other identify the strengths and weaknesses of the education their child participated in and make better education choices in the future. The goal is to make students learning more transparent for parents.


Both teaching and learning are very complex process. Cross-disciplinary knowledge such as brain studies and neuroscience can help educators design better curriculums.


Industry Leaders & Professionals

One of the most important goals of education is to prepare students for their careers. In today’s fast-changing world, it is crucial for educators to understand industry trends in order to develop curriculums that teach students necessary skills and knowledge. We welcome industry leaders and professionals to share valuable knowledge with students and make an impact on their future career paths.