About Us


Our View on Education

education matters to all of us.


 Education plays a very important role in today’s world. On a large scale, education pushes the human race forward. It not only brings us solutions to challenges such as diseases and natural disasters, but also improves our quality of life through research and innovation. In addition, education is a way for us to solve social issues such as discrimination and gender inequality, creating a more peaceful society.

        On a smaller scale, education is crucial to each individual’s success. We rely on education to teach us the skills and knowledge for us to become productive members of society. We hope education can lead us towards happy and healthy lives.



The Founding of Dream Formula Education

helping students succeed through education.


        Dream Formula Education was started by a small group of teachers and college professors in the U.S who are willing to do extra work in order to help students succeed. In addition to teaching day-to-day classes, we listen to students and parents to find out what their needs are and what we can do to help them. We also share our findings with each other to improve our overall teaching quality and serve students better.

        We discovered that our extra efforts were able to make a difference in our students' lives. This encouraged us to create an organization that will benefit more educators, students, and parents. Thus, we established Dream Formula Education.

        We strongly believe that a good education model can change society, and a good educator can change a student's life. Improving education quality is the most effective way for us to make this world a better place. By working closely with educators, students, and parents, we train educators to provide advanced lessons and various education services to enhance students' learning and personal growth.