Model & Designer

Born in 1989, Madlyne has always shown a passion for nature. Although her art expresses nature; it often reflects emotion either external or internal. Many find her pieces tranquil, while others can find them chaotic, expressing more than one idea or feeling. She enjoys pulling inspiration from nature, family folklore, as well as her dreams, and nightmares. Whatever the meaning they always seem to speak to you.



B.A. University of California, Berkeley



Grants & Awards

2009 - Chaffey College Art Award of Excellence.

2013- 2nd Place Film Photography juried contest.

2014-2016 - University of California Berkeley Grant.   


Exhibitions & Festivals

2009 - Drawing, The Wignall Museum of Contemporary Art.

2013- Film Photography, Monclaire Plaza Photography Show.

2014 - Ceramic sculpture- The Wignall Museum of Contemporary Art.

2014 - Mini Sculpture, "Tiny Thoughts", The Wignall Museum of  Contemporary Art.




"Art is like sunlight, it doesn't always show its true color."

- Madlyne Woodward



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