About Us

Students’ success is our dream.


The Founding of Dream Formula Education

better education, better future

Dream Formula Education was founded, operated, and supported by a group of K-12 teachers, college professors, and educators who always go the extra mile to help students succeed. Our education careers expose us to the problems in the century-old education system and business-driven programs, and we are passionate about solving these problems in order to better prepare students for their future in today’s fast changing world.

Dream Formula Education is a place for educators to collaborate. Through our Educator Community, our educators can improve teaching quality by sharing their techniques and experiences with each other. More importantly, we also invite K-12 teachers, college professors, researchers, and industry experts who believe in the importance of education to join our Global Education Ecosystem to help us provide students and parents with better education services. We now have members from more than 15 countries, including professors, students, and alumni from top universities such as Harvard, Yale, Stanford, UC Berkeley and so on as well as leaders and professionals from Fortune 500 companies such as Google, Facebook, and Amazon. 

We strongly believe a good educator can change a student's life, and a good education model can change the society. Improving education quality is the way for us to make this world a better place.


Main Supporters & Thank You List

Leading students to a better future with knowledge and experiences.


Henry Tang

Founder/General Course Designer/Edu 4.0 Mentor

UC Berkeley,

B.A. Linguistics, Education Minor

IMG_0124 copy.png

Catherine Straus

Education Research Consultant

UC Berkeley & University of Cambridge,

B.A. Public Policy, Psychology, Media Studies


Chester Leung

Coding Course Designer

UC Berkeley,

M.S. Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

B.A. Computer Science


Madlyne Woodward

Art Course Designer

UC Berkeley,

B.A. Art

IMG_0117 copy.png

Tha Thet

General Course Designer

UC Berkeley, Haas Business School,

B.A. Business Administration