About Us


Our View on Education

education matters to all of us.

 Education plays a very important role in today’s world. On a large scale, education pushes the human race forward. It not only brings us solutions to challenges such as diseases and natural disasters, but also improves our quality of life through research and innovation. In addition, education is a way for us to solve social issues such as discrimination and gender inequality, creating a more peaceful society.

        On a smaller scale, education is crucial to each individual’s success. We rely on education to teach us the skills and knowledge for us to become productive members of society. We hope education can lead us towards happy and healthy lives.



The Founding of Dream Formula Education

helping students succeed through education.

      Dream Formula Education was first started & supported by a group of k-12 teachers and college professors who go the extra mile to help students succeed. Our education careers explore us to the problems in our education system and model. As educators, we are passionate about taking challenges and solving these problems in order to better prepare students for their future.

   Dream Formula Education is a place for us to collaborate for our common goal. Our Educator Community allows us to help educators improve teaching quality. In order to understand education better and teach better, we also invite people who believe in the importance of education to join our Global Education Ecosystem. These people include k-12 teachers, college professors, education researchers, administrators, and industry experts. Our members are from more than 15 countries, including students and alumni from top universities such as Harvard, Yale, Stanford, UC Berkeley, and so on, and leaders and professionals from Fortune 500 companies such as Google, Apple, and etc.

        We strongly believe that a good education model can change society, and a good educator can change a student's life. Improving education quality is the way for us to make this world a better place.