Why Dream Formula Education?

Here are some highlights of Dream Formula Education that allow us to outperform other traditional after-school programs, private tutoring and professional training.

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Personalized Education

We work closely with students and parents to build a comprehensive and manageable education plan and develop personalized curricula based on students' interests, learning styles, and so on.

Our Philosophy and Padogogy

Mandarin is a difficult language to learn, which means that it is crucial to have a practical education plan that sparks an interest in learning. We offer a top-of-line, highly personalized education by integrating Mandarin learning and Chinese culture with students’ areas of interest, such as story-making, film, STEM projects, magic tricks, music, sports, and cooking. As results, students are more engaged in class, more committed to after-school learning, and more likely to succeed.

Futhermore, to encourage students become active life-long Mandarin learners, we help students undertand their learning styles and provide students with personalized tools, tips, and guidance that they can use to learn Mandarin through out theire lives.

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Project-based Learning

In order to help students develop 21st century skills, our project-based learning provides our students with opportunities to learn and apply knowledge in real world scenarios.

Effective Learning with Edcuation 3.0

Tradditional lecturing with textbooks is a century-old method that causes ineffective teaching and learning. The method only allows students to memorize knowledge for short terms. Our project-baed learning with personalized activities help students build practical Mandarin skills that can be used in real-world settings. We want our students to be able to use Mandarin with confidence and develop a good understanding of Chinese culture.

Addtionally, we also incorate many other great features of Education 3.0 that not only help students learn more effectively with joy, but also develop 21st century skills such us critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and so on.

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Education Profile

We create personal education profiles to keep track of each student’s learning journey to keep parents informed and help educators to adjust lessons plans.

Making Learning Visible

We keep track of each step of students' learning though weekly report, mid-semester repaort, and end-semester report. On the reports, students and parents will be able to see how many Chinese Characters, radicals, Pinyin, and sentences students learned and what projects and activities that students participated in.

We also record other data such us amount of time that students spend on practicing each week and students' engagement level in class. This helps educators to adjust lesson plans and assignments based on students' performances.

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24/7 Online Access

All course content, practice materials, notes and assignments are posted online so that students can easily learn anywhere and anytime. 

Easy Access to Learning and Reviewing

In order to make learning and reviewing easy, we post all learning materials including texts, photos, audio recordings, and video recordings online. Both students and parents have access to these materials, and they can make comments and ask questions on each individual post. As results, students can practice their Mandarin anywhere and anytime and communicate with educators easily.

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The Best Educators

We only work with educators who believe in the importance of education, who care about students' success and who are willing to put in hard work to educate students.

A Good Educator can Change Students' Lives

Due to lack of resources and regulation, after-school program educators and private tutors generally don't have access to prfessional training, which oftentimes leads to ineffective teaching.

Dream Formula Education strongly believes we are responsable for students' future. That's why we only work with educators who believe in the importance of education, who care about students’ success, and who are passionate about making a positive change in education. We have a very strict selection process consists of interviews, references, and background checks.

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Continues Improvement

The best educators never stop learning. Our Educator Community constantly helps educators learn new teaching strategies & cross-disciplinary knowledge from latest research.

Stay Dynamic for Today's Dynamic World

In today’s fast-changing world, it is important for educators to stay updated on what’s worth teaching. That is why we work with education researchers and exerts in various industries to tailor our lessons based on industry trends. Our Educator Community also offers our educators continues professional training that covers not only teaching strategies but also other cross-disciplinary knowledge such as brain studies and neuroscience that can improve teaching.

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Educator-operated Structure

We are fully funded and operated by educators. This allows us to keep out any negative business influence ensure every decision we make is beneficial for our students.

100% educator-operated and student-centered

Business-driven education programs seek to maximize profit rather than maximize learning. This can easily lead to underpaid staffs, lack of professional training, lack of both digital and physical teaching tools, and so on.

Inspired by Finland’s public-school system, the world-leading education model, Dream Formula Education is fully founded, operated, and supported by k-12 teachers, college professors and other educators who believe in the importance of education, who care about students’ success, and who are passionate about making a positive change in education. This ensures that every decision we make is beneficial for our students and educators.

Transparency to Customers

We share all training records, evaluations, and reviews of educators with students and parents so that they know whether they are making the right education investment.

Customers deserve to know more.

Many business-driven programs win customers trust and become successful businesses by claiming that they have good educators, good curriculum, and good reviews. However, due to lack of regulation and transparency, customers don’t know these programs actually make minimum effort or not effort at all on training educators and developing good curriculum as long as their businesses can generate profit with the help of good marketing strategies.

Dream Formula Education share all the training, evaluations, and reviews of educators with parents and students. We believe this is the best way, and probably the only way for parents and students to know either they are making the right edcuation investment.

Smart Financial Structure

By hosting lessons at local schools, students' houses and online, we reduce our expenses and focus funding on purchasing learning tools for students and training educators.

Be Financially Smart .

One of the causes of under-paid stuff and lack of teaching tools and resources is that private programs spend a big chunk of their expense on rent. To solve this problem, we purchase portable teaaching tools such as iPads and laptops and teach at local schools, students' houses or online. This allows us to create a positive circle where educators get paid more, trained more and students receive better education.