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Why learn Mandarin with Dream formula Education?

Studies have shown that students forget most of what they learned from a traditional education 1.0 model. It is common to find language learners who spent years learning a foreign language but still failed to be able to use that language. By consulting experts in education and learning from world leading education models, we offer students a first-rate Mandarin education that help them gain practical Mandarin speaking, listening, reading, writing and typing skills with Mandarin Education 3.0 and more.   

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What's our philosophy?

 When learning a difficult language such as Mandarin, curricula that foster interests in learning and durable education plans are crucial. The goals of our Mandarin Education 3,0 lessons are to make learning Mandarin fun and provide students with tools that help them become active life-long Mandarin learners.


Who are our Chinese educators? 

Our strict educator selecting process and educator community help us find the best Mandarin teachers with professional knowledge, skills, and experiences. The educators in our Mandarin Education 3.0 program have experience in teaching at American colleges, public schools, private after-school programs, and weekend Chinese schools. Our educators have experience teaching students from all ages and all levels. We not only have students who are k-12 and college students, but also have clients from well-known schools and organizations such as UC Berkeley, United Nations and Google.


How the classes are taught?

We offer a highly personalized education by integrating learning Mandarin and Chinese culture with story making, filming, STEM projects, magic, music, sports, cooking, and other activities. Our goal is to make learning Mandarin enjoyable and help our students build practical and solid Mandarin skills, so that they will be able to use what they have learned in any real world scenarios with confidence. Below is what come with our Mandarin lessons:


Other Services

Our educators also offer traditional private tutoring for school materials such us K-12 Chinese classes, high school Chinese AP, Chinese SAT and etc. We also offer online assessment tests and consulting to provide advice on how to improve students Mandarin skills based on their performance results. 



*Some of our educators might be able to work out a lower price for students.

Mandarin Lessons for Schools

For schools that are interested in opening or improving your Chinese classes or after-school programs through our Mandarin Education 3.0 program, please contact us below.

Sign up for Lessons


Step 1: submit an online application

Submit an online application, and we will review your application and match you with an educator with our most updated availabilities within 24 hours after submission.

Step 2: meet your educator

The first lesson is an opportunity for our teachers, students & parents to get to know each other. Educator will discover the needs and level of students and create personalized curricula and education plans.

Step 3: enjoy learning & stay informed

The educator will record student's learning process and adjust education plan and curricula based on student's performance & parents' feedback.


Assessment & Consultation

$50 for one hour of assessment test + consultation

Take an assessment test online with one of our educators to know your Mandarin level. We will provide advice on how to improve your Mandarin skills based on your performance. 

students & parents reviews 


“Thank you for your love, guidance, and encouragement. Your philosophy and approach made (student name) more interested in learning Mandarin. Your curricula provided students opportunities to speak more; as a result, they can truly understand how to use words and phrases properly. They are also more willing to learn with confidence. You gave us a surprise on how you influenced students to become active learners. ”

--- LEE FAMILY (parents)


“When my daughter take your Mandarin lessons once a week, I didn’t expect her to do much besides making some friends who speak Mandarin and learn a couple of things about Chinese culture. After realized how much time you spent on students, I feel wrong and shameful about my expectation. (student name) always mentions you and tell us how much she enjoys your lessons. She is especially excited about your learning activities. We appreciate your work and feedback. We feel very lucky to meet a teacher like you! ”

--- OUYANG FAMILY (parents)


"I like that we get to do acting and filming. I also like that we learn Chinese in the process and the fact that each of us had a role in the movie. I also like the magic classes as well as the demonstration my teacher give us. Thinking back, I learn Chinese more that I did in my previous class."

--- Evan (student)


"It was interesting to see how my teacher made it fun to learn the new magic tricks! Also I liked how we got to create our own story! It was so fun. There is nothing really that I didn’t like so yeah!"

--- Alex (student)


"I loved the fact our teacher was teaching us Mandarin in a very fun way by making a movie in Chinese. Also, I liked all the different magic tricks he taught us."                                                          

--- Matthew (student)


"I like how my teacher did magic tricks and acting because it is interesting when acting. Also I liked learning Chinese because we could write are own lines."

--- Hugo (student)


"Thank you for your passion. We as parents are very satisfied with the results! Both of my children have improved a lot."

--- NEILON FAMILY (parents)


"Thank you for being such a wonderful teacher! Our class  was lucky to have you as our teacher! You always made class very fun and interesting with all of your magic tricks!"

--- Yunhan (student)


"I like my teacher because he is respectful and kind."

--- Peirong (student)

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