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 Introducing Mandarin Education 4.0

A better way to learn Mandarin.


Why Mandarin with Dream Formula Education?

Practical approach. Practical outcome.

Under a century-old Education 1.0 model that is currently used by most schools and programs, many language learners that spent years learning a foreign language are still unable to use the language properly. The mission of Dream Formula Education is to solve the education problems in public schools, after-school programs, and private tutoring and provide students with a better education for a better future.

By incorporating Education 4.0 and context-based language learning approach, Dream Formula Education offers students of all ages one-on-one and small group lessons to help students gain not only practical Mandarin speaking, listening, reading, writing, and typing skills, but also a good understanding of Chinese culture.

Kills two birds with one stone.

Besides offering students fun, practical, engaging Mandarin lessons, our lessons are also designed to help students develop 21st century skills such as critical thinking, analytic reasoning, complex problem solving, creativity, collaboration, communication, and cross-cultural understanding. These skills are crucial for students’ success because of the change in economy and technology in today’s society.   

Redefine After-school Learning with High Standard.

How we outperform other after-school programs, private tutoring & platforms.

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Personalized Education

We work closely with students and parents to build a comprehensive and manageable education plan and develop personalized curricula based on students' interests, learning styles, and so on.

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Project-based Learning

In order to help students develop 21st century skills, our project-based learning provides our students with opportunities to learn and apply knowledge in real world scenarios.

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Education Profile

We create personal education profiles to keep track of each student’s learning journey to keep parents informed and help educators to adjust lessons plans.

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24/7 Online Access

All course content, practice materials, notes, and assignments are posted online so that students can easily learn anywhere and anytime. 

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The Best Educators

We only work with educators who believe in the importance of education, who care about students' success and who are willing to put in hard work to educate students.

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Continues Improvement

The best educators never stop learning. Our Educator Community constantly helps educators learn new teaching strategies & cross-disciplinary knowledge from latest research.

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Educator-operated Structure

We are fully funded and operated by educators. This allows us to keep out any negative business influence ensure every decision we make is beneficial for our students.

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Transparency to Customers

We share all training records, evaluations, and reviews of educators with students and parents so that they know whether they are making the right education investment.

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Global Ecosystem

In order to design better lessons for students and better training for educators, we constantly learn from the most advanced education models from all over the world.

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Sign up for Lessons

Step 1: submit an application

After you submit an online application, we will email you and match you with an educator within 24 hours.

Step 2: meet your educator

During our first lesson, we will discuss the needs of students and create personalized curricula and education plans.

Step 3: stay informed

The educator will post students’ learning progress weekly and generate detailed reports twice a semester.

Step 4: evaluations

We will share educators’ evaluations, training record, and reviews with students and parents twice a semester.



Assessment & Consultation

$99 for one hour of assessment test + consultation

Take an assessment test online with one of our educators to know your Mandarin level. We will provide advice on how to improve your Mandarin skills based on your performance and learning experiences.



Mandarin Education 4.0 for Schools

upgrade your after-school programs

Please contact us below if you are looking to incorporate Mandarin Education 3.0 classes into your after-school programs.

students & parents reviews

100% Satisfaction Guarantee 


“Thank you for your love, guidance, and encouragement. Your philosophy and approach made (student name) more interested in learning Mandarin. Your curricula provided students opportunities to speak more; as a result, they can truly understand how to use words and phrases properly. They are also more willing to learn with confidence. You gave us a surprise on how you influenced students to become active learners. ”

--- LEE FAMILY (parents)


“When my daughter take your Mandarin lessons once a week, I didn’t expect her to do much besides making some friends who speak Mandarin and learn a couple of things about Chinese culture. After realized how much time you spent on students, I feel wrong and shameful about my expectation. (student name) always mentions you and tell us how much she enjoys your lessons. She is especially excited about your learning activities. We appreciate your work and feedback. We feel very lucky to meet a teacher like you! ”

--- OUYANG FAMILY (parents)


"I like that we get to do acting and filming. I also like that we learn Chinese in the process and the fact that each of us had a role in the movie. I also like the magic classes as well as the demonstration my teacher give us. Thinking back, I learn Chinese more that I did in my previous class."

--- Evan (student)


"It was interesting to see how my teacher made it fun to learn the new magic tricks! Also I liked how we got to create our own story! It was so fun. There is nothing really that I didn’t like so yeah!"

--- Alex (student)


"I loved the fact our teacher was teaching us Mandarin in a very fun way by making a movie in Chinese. Also, I liked all the different magic tricks he taught us."                                                          

--- Matthew (student)


"I like how my teacher did magic tricks and acting because it is interesting when acting. Also I liked learning Chinese because we could write are own lines."

--- Hugo (student)


"Thank you for your passion. We as parents are very satisfied with the results! Both of my children have improved a lot."

--- NEILON FAMILY (parents)


"Thank you for being such a wonderful teacher! Our class  was lucky to have you as our teacher! You always made class very fun and interesting with all of your magic tricks!"

--- Yunhan (student)


"I like my teacher because he is respectful and kind."

--- Peirong (student)

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