100% educator-operated and student-centered

Solving education problems from the root.

Many business-driven education programs seek to maximize profit rather than maximize learning. When an education program is founded or managed by people who don’t know much about education or who don't care much about students’ success, it can easily lead to underpaid staffs, lack of professional training, lack of both digital and physical teaching tools and resources.

The best way to solve many education problems from their roots and to improve education quality is to take out the middleman between students and educators. Inspired by Finland’s public-school system, the world-leading education model, Dream Formula Education is entirely founded, operated, and supported by k-12 teachers, college professors, and other educators who believe in the importance of education, who care about students’ success, and who are passionate about making a positive change in education. After seeing so many non-educators running education programs and understanding the drawback of these programs, we as educators decided to unite other educators and form an organization that is inherently designed for students. This ensures that every decision we make is truly beneficial for our students and educators.