Why Dream Formula Education?

Here are some highlights of Dream Formula Education that allow us to outperform other traditional after-school programs and private tutoring

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Educator-operated Structure

We are fully funded and operated by educators. This allows us to keep out any negative business influence ensure every decision we make is beneficial for our students.

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Stay Updated with Research

By collaborating with researchers from all over the world, we make sure that our educators are always equipped with the newest research results to better their lessons.

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Smart Financial Structure

By hosting lessons at local schools, students' houses and online, we reduce our expenses and focus funding on students and educators.

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Educator Selection

We only work with educators who believe in the importance of education, who care about students' success and who are willing to put in hard work to educate students.

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Continues Improvement

The best educators never stop learning. Our Educator Community constantly helps educators learn teaching strategies & cross-disciplinary knowledge to better their lessons. 

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Broader Vision with Global Scale

We form a global education ecosystem to work with educators, students, parents, and industry experts to better understand education and improve education quality.

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Whole-child Approach

Our educators encourage students become good citizens of today’s global world by helping students make responsible decisions, empathize with others, establish healthy relationships and so on.

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Project-based Learning

In order to help students develop 21st century skills, our project-based learning provides our students with opportunities to learn and apply knowledge in real world scenarios.

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Mentoring for Extra Support

Our educators provide mentorship to support students' personal growth. They listen to students' stories, share life lessons, and make positive impact on students' lives.

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Personalized Education

We work closely with students and parents to build a comprehensive and manageable education plan and develop personalized curricula based on students' interests, learning styles, and so on.

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Education Profile

We create personal education profiles to keep track of each student’s learning journey to keep parents informed and help educators to adjust lessons plans.

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24/7 Online Access

All course content, practice materials, notes and assignments are posted online so that students can easily learn anywhere and anytime. 

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