In order to build an education that provides a better learning experience and outcome, we constantly learn from existing schools that are the leaders of education reform, listen to the guidance from experts in education, conduct research with students, and interview parents to hear their ideas and feedback. Here are some key elements that we currently offer but many traditional classrooms cease to focus on:   





Multi-field Professional Knowledge

A coalescence of thought and understanding. 

Learning is a complex process. In order to enhance learning, over the past decade, we have established a network of experts who are from different fields to participate in curriculum building and educator training activities. We combine fundamental theories and new research results from fields of study including: education, psychology, child growth & development, anthropology, communication studies, and sociology.




Stay Updated Stay Practical

Nurturing knowledge.

Traditional education systems may not always be able to maintain an up-to-date, and ever adapting cirricula for the fast-paced world we live in today. Dream Formula Education constantly updates our curricula for students to the changes, so that what our students learn is abstracted from the real world.




Personalized Lessons

Tailored lessons for the individuals & small groups.

One-size-fits-all approach can make learning very ineffective because each of us learns things differently. This is why we develop new curricula centered around the individual students’ interests and learning styles. As results, students will enjoy the course content, activities, and assignments. They also learn and grow faster when knowledge is presented in their favorite ways.




Customized Education Plan

Practical plans designed specifically for students' and parents' needs.

We think the first step of education should be discovering the needs of the students and parents. This is why our educators interview students and parents first to understand their goals and expectations, and then build a comprehensive and manageable education plan. Through out learning, the plans are flexible and can be adjusted based on students’ performance and parents’ feedback.



Manage Your Time for Your Education

There should be no behind students.

In a traditional education model, there is a fixed schedule to follow and a fixed amount of material to cover for each semester. As a result, learning can be frustrating when students need extra time to understand and absorb what they learn. When extra time and help are not provided, they will received bad grades and will not be encouraged to learn. 

At Dream Formula Education, we care more about the quality of education instead of quantity. In order to create a positive learning experience, we adjust course speed based on our students' actual performance. We provide students time and help if they become hindered by a subject. By doing so, every step of their learning is solid.



Define Your Own Success

Don’t be fooled by the scores.

In the book "What’s Worth Teaching: Rethinking Curriculum in the Age of Technology" by Allan M. Collins, a Professor Emeritus of Education and Social Policy at Northwestern University, he pointed out that what students learn in school is the stuff they will never use. The reason those stuff is taught including they are easy to measure by tests. Professor Collins also mentions that Philip Piety (2013), a national expert in educational data, reviews how test-based policies results widespread cheating and teaching to the test. (Collins 2017).  

Based on the facts above, it is important to rethink what test scores and grades really mean. Is it true that "A" students will have a bright future? Does "F" equal to the failure? 

At Dream formula Education, our curricula consist of knowledge and skills that are truly important for students’ success and future. Our purpose is to support and give confidence to our students in their pursuits. We do not want students’ self-worth to be defined by meaningless quantitative measurements.



Personal Education Profiles

Make learning more visible.

For our students, we create personal education profiles that keep track of their learning progress. Each personal education profile including: the knowledge and skills a student has learned, the time the student spent learning each subject or skill, their engagement level during the lesson, and how often the student practiced at home. This progress helps educators adjust curricula. This data also provides students and parents assurance and confidence in their decisions in spending time and money of education




Project-based Learning (PBL)

Don't just learn from books, learn from experience.

According to Research Summary on the Benefits of PBL, " PBL has been shown to be more effective than traditional methods for teaching math, economics, language, science, and other disciplines." (Buck Institute for Education) 

It is not sufficient for students to survive in today's world when they only learn facts passively and recite them out of context. In order to help students develop 21st century skills, our project-based learning provides our students with opportunities to learn and apply knowledge in real world scenarios.




Democratic Education

We gives students more respect.

Since students are the ones who are going to take charge of their own future, Dream Formula Education help students understand the importance of learning and motivate them to become active learners.

Our educators give students the respect and power to take on roles in leadership, and participate in every step of their own learning. In our lessons, we have a friendly environment where students and teachers can all learn from each other. As a result, students are more engaged in class. In addition, this also allows them to develop healthy learning habits for lifelong active learning.  





Critical Thinking & Creativity

Innovation, the key to success.

As computers and advanced technologies become more mainstream, innovation becomes vital for students’ success. Our educators always encourage students to ask questions while they are learning and be creative when work on projects and assignments.



Whole-child Education & Social-emotional Learning 

Beyond the classroom.

Today, social and emotional learning is as important as core knowledge from textbooks. Therefore, our educators take social development seriously and make it an important part of our curricula. Our goal is to help students also acquire knowledge that help them become a good citizen of today’s global world. We want our students to make responsible decisions, feel empathy for others, and establish healthy relationships.





Better Locations for Learning 

Learn outside of the box as well.

Research has shown there are many other better locations for education to take place rather than traditional classrooms. According to a research summary of available studies by National Wildlife Federation in 2010, outdoor learning programs are beneficial for students' lifelong learning skills, prospects for career success, and even school test scores.

Since learning can be very limited in classrooms, we try to give students as many opportunities as possible to study in the outdoors. We also work with parents to utilize the property resources they already have for our lessons. As results, not only students can receive multiple benefits from outdoor learning, but money can also be spend on students and educators in stead of rent.



Board Members & Decision Making

Give the power to the educators, students, and parents.

One thing we have learned from our educators' experiences is that people who have no education background or people who lack of understanding on education should not have the power to make decisions for students. For example, school districts can have low graduation rates when bad policies are made. We also have seen private programs make many decisions for their financial and business reasons but not for education purpose. 

We pride ourselves with having a board comprising of educators, all whom have teaching experience. Most of them are either full-time college professors or teachers and education policymakers. These educators truly care about their students, and want to make a positive difference in education. As leaders, they maintain professional and courteous composure. Our board members ensure every decision made is beneficial for our educations and students and their parents.




High standards for high quality.

What determines whether a educators is qualified should be way beyond how many degrees and certificates that person has. If we measure educators by using the standards from the best education systems in the world, many US teachers would be disqualified from their current positions.

At Dream Formula Education, we believe a good educator can change students’ lives. This is why we take applications and interviews very seriously. We want to make sure our educators who go above and beyond the standard teaching requirements. Our educators are the ones who believe in the power of education, who truly cares about students’ success, who are passionate about what they do everyday, and who are willing to make extra effort to improve education quality.



Healthy Student-Teacher Relationship & Mentorship

A teacher's job should be more than just teaching.

A healthy student-teacher relationship is a key element in effective learning. We want to create a warm, welcoming, and respectful environment where students are comfortable to share their thoughts and feelings and willing to highly engage in learning activities.

One of the features of Dream Formula Education is that our educators also play the roles of mentors. We strongly believe that mentorship is crucial to students' personal growth. Besides being teachers, our educators are also role models for our students who can bring positive influence to them. They listen to students' stories, share life lessons, and provide support for our students whenever they need extra help. Our educators can only become successful when our students succeed,



Evaluation & Support for Continuing Improvement

There is no best, only better.

Each lesson that we provide is monitored to ensure that students are receiving high quality education. Our educators are also evaluated by our students and parents. The feedback from students and parents are always helpful for us to better what we do.

We also provide trainings that offers new research results for our educators so that their teaching skills can be constantly improved. Our goal is never to train stale teachers, but ones who are constantly improving.