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 Dream Formula Education was first started and supported by a small group of teachers and college professors in the U.S. who always do extra work in order to help students succeed. Our mission is to provide more students with opportunities to first-rate education. We improve students' everyday education by focusing on solving problems in the century-old education model. This is why we welcome educators who share the same passion and goals with us to join our educator community. This community is great place for educators to connect, share, and grow together.


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Working with Dream Formula Education is not only a job, but also an opportunity to make an impact. As part of our team, you will lead students to a better future through a better education, become a professional educator with better education strategies, help fellow educators improve, help society solve bigger problems through education, and so on. In turn, you will get paid well and earn respect from fellow educators, students, parents & more.


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Job Title:

Educator at Dream Formula Education

General Description:

The educators at Dream Formula Education will offer private lessons and private tutoring at students’ homes or online. Educators may also teach after-school programs at our partnered local schools.

Application Process:

  1. submit an online application;

  2. email us your resume (with a references page)

  3. schedule an interview

  4. complete a background check

Responsibilities to Students:

  • lead a mixed-age class with student-teacher ratios of 1:1 to 15:1 at students’ homes, local schools, or online;

  • design curricula that contain project-based learning activities, democratic education, whole-child approach and so on;

  • create individual learning activities for personalized learning based on each student’s abilities, needs, talents, interests and learning styles;

  • post learning materials online after each class.

Responsibilities to Parents:

  • interview parents to find out students’ needs;

  • create an education plan with students and parents;

  • maintain a regular communication with parents including answering their questions, discussing students’ learning and so on;

  • send parents student reports at least twice a semester.

Responsibilities to Fellow Educators:

  • contribute in our educator community regularly by sharing your teaching experiences, stories, resources & tools or conducting research;

  • peer-review your fellow educators;

  • participate in training with your fellow educators.


  • passion for working with and engaging children in student driven learning experiences;

  • belief in fostering children’s social emotional capabilities;

  • passion for using education to make the world a better place;

  • understanding on the importance of education to both individuals and society;

  • understanding on current education problems (problems with public education systems, problems with education 1.0 model, etc);

  • commitment to continuous improvement

  • excellent verbal and written communication skills

  • handle confidential information with discretion and diplomacy

  • a high level of organization and attention to detail


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