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Why worry about today’s education?

widespread education problems

The fourth industrial revolution(Industry 4.0) is fundamentally changing the way products are designed and how services are provided. According to a new study of 46 countries and 800 occupations by the McKinsey Global Institute, as many as 800 million jobs will be replaced by technologies such as artificial intelligence and robots by 2030. That is one-fifth of the global workforce.

In order to adapt to this big change, a small amount of countries and private schools have successfully reformed their education to prepare students for the future with important 21st century skills such as critical thinking, analytic reasoning, complex problem solving, creativity, collaboration, communication, and cross-cultural understanding, but the rest of the students have no choice but to remain in the century-old education model that is designed to train students to work in factories. Education experts and leaders from various industries have been arguing that this model no longer meets the needs of today’s society. In other words, students who are taught under this model may encounter problems when they seek employment. 

It is challenging to change the entire public education system in a short period of time and only a small portion of students can afford private schools. After-school programs and private tutoring become crucial to students’ success. Unfortunately, these programs generally have even more problems than public school education due to the lack of regulations, standards, resources, and transparency.


Solutions to the Widespread Education Problems.

Aligning Education 4.0 with Industry 4.0

Dream Formula Education is founded, operated and supported by a group of K-12 teachers, college professors and educators who believe in the importance of education, care about student success and aim to make a positive change in the education field. We consult education experts and research education models all over the world to address problems within today’s public schools, after-school programs and private tutoring and better prepare students for the future. We offer affordable, top-of-line lessons and design after-school programs for local schools. 

We created charts below explaining the problems and solutions to our current education system based on our interviews, case studies, and teaching experiences.


Chart 1 — Teaching Problems and Solutions

Chart 2 — General Problems and Solutions

Chart 3 - Education 4.0 for Industry 4.0


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