The Current State of Education

Majority of students don't have access to quality education.

The quality of education is crucial to individual success. Some countries have had successful education reforms. Yet, only some private schools in the US have recently been able to make significant changes. The rest of the students have no choice but to remain in the century-old traditional education model, which fails to prepare students for their future with 21st century skills. To make it simple to understand the problems and solutions for everyday education, we interviewed K-12 teachers, college professors, administrators, students, and parents to create the chart below.

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Experts' Comments on Education:




Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX & Tesla

Elon knows the tradition education model does not fit into today's society. He created a school called Ad Astra for his 5 children to revolutionize schools and solve the problems in current everyday education.
"They(students in regular schools) don't know why they are there, why we are learning these stuff. We don't even know why. In fact, I think a lot of things people learn probably there is no point in learning them".

---Elon sharing thoughts on conventional education with KhanAcademy


"It's important to teach problem solving or teach to the problem not to the tools".

---Elon sharing thoughts on conventional education with YangLan Interview  



Prof. Allan Collins --- Professor Emeritus of Education and Social Policy at Northwestern University


"The structure of the school curriculum was inherited from the 19th century and before".
"The needs of people living today are very different from the goals of educators who put together the school curriculum in the 19th and 20th centuries, most of which have no relation to the needs of young people today."
" has failed to focus on the kinds of powerful ideas that will make students smarter."
"Over the past century, routine jobs have been disappearing, and the demand for flexibility and thinking has grown. People will have to keep learning new knowledge and skills throughout their lifetimes, as their lives and jobs keep changing"
"Until educators design schools that let students pursue ideas they care about at their own pace, students are bound to forget most of what they learn in school."
--- Prof. Allan Collins talks about education in his most recent book What’s Worth Teaching: Rethinking Curriculum in the Age of Technology



Dr. Michio Kaku --- Professor of Theoretical Physics & Futurist


"The United States has the worst educational system known to science".

---Dr. Kaku's comment on education in a recent SAP Sapphire Now Conference


"... we are born scientists... every little flower of curiosities said Einstein is crushed by society itself because we have to learn all these facts figures memorization. We think that memorization is science and that's not true at all... that exam(a geology exam his daughter had to take) was crushing curiosity right on to the next generation."

---Dr. Kaku talked about how curiosities are deserted by current education in an interview



Jack Ma --- Co-founder of Alibaba Group

"Education is a big challenge now. If we do not change the way we teach, 30 years later we will be in trouble, because the way we teach, the things we teach our kids are the things (from) past 200 years, is knowledge-based. And we cannot teach our kids to compete with machine who is smarter. We have to teach something unique that machine can never catch up with us. In this way, 30 years later our kids have the chance "

--- Jack talks about education in the 2018 World Economic Forum

"In the future, it's not about the competition of knowledge. It's a competition of creativity, a competition of imagination, it's a competition of learning, it's a competition of independent thinking"

---Jack talks about education when he received an honorary doctoral degree from the University of Hong Kong in 2018