The Current State of Education

Majority of students don't have access to quality education.

The quality of education is crucial to individual success. Some countries have had successful education reforms. Yet, only some private schools in the US have recently been able to make significant changes. The rest of the students have no choice but to remain in the traditional education model. To make it simple to understand the problems and solutions for everyday education, we interviewed K-12 teachers, college professors, administrators, students, and parents to create the chart below.

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What Education Experts & Leaders from Various Industries Say about Education:



"Our K-12 system largely still adheres to the century-old, industrial-age factory model of education."

— Arne Duncan(2010), Formal US Secretary of Education



"The structure of the school curriculum was inherited from the 19th century and before."

— Allan Collins (2017), Professor Emeritus of Education and Social Policy

at Northwestern University