A Good Educator can Change Students' Lives

Due to lack of resources and regulation, after-school program educators and private tutors generally don't have access to prfessional training, which oftentimes leads to ineffective teaching. For educators who are hired as cheap labors to teach in private programs, it’s very hard for them to be motivate to care about teaching quality when the pay is so low and when there is not enough resource to help them grow.

Dream Formula Education strongly believes we are responsable for students' future. That's why we only work with educators who believe in the importance of education, who care about students’ success, and who are passionate about making a positive change in education. We have a very strict selection process consists of interviews, references, and background checks. As an organization that is founded, operated, and supported by educators, we empower all the educators who work with us and treat them with respect. We help our fellow educators to grow and get paid fairly for their hard work.

As results, our educators are able to provide lessons with highest quality.We also focus on building a healthy student-teacher relationship that educators are mentors and role models for students to enhance students’ personal growth, This makes learning much more efficient,