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Dream Formula Education allows educators to make an impact in the education field. As part of our team, you will use the Education 4.0 to teach 21st century skills, develop better education strategies, assist fellow educators improve, and help society solve bigger problems through education.


receive better treatments

Unlike many private, business-driven programs that do not offer educators valuable training and good hourly rate, we offer necessary resources to educators. As an organization that was founded, supported, and operated by educators, our organization supports educators needs, pays educators well, and ensures our educators are well-respected amongst students, parents, and their community.

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enjoy the flexibilities

As an educator under Dream Formula Education, you have the option of either becoming a full-time or part-time employee. Volunteering is an option as well. We will work with your availabilities, and you will be able to choose your subjects, class size, lessons type, and teaching location.


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Job Title: 

Educator at Dream Formula Education

General Description: 

Dream Formula Education offers private lessons and/or private tutoring at students’ homes or online. Educators may also teach after-school programs at our partnering local schools.

Responsibilities to Students:

  • lead one-on-one private tutoring sessions or mixed-age classes with a 2:1 to 15:1 student-teacher ratios at students’ homes, local schools, or online;

  • design curricula that contain project-based learning activities, democratic education, and whole-child approach;

  • create personalized learning activities based on each student’s abilities, needs, talents, interests and learning styles;

  • post learning materials online after each class.

Responsibilities to Parents:

  • create an education plan with students and parents;

  • maintain regular communication with parents, answering their questions and discussing students’ learning;

  • send parents student reports at least twice a semester.

Responsibilities to Fellow Educators:

  • contribute in our educator community regularly by sharing your teaching research, tools, resources, experiences, and stories

  • advise your fellow educators;

  • participate in training with your fellow educators.


  • passionate about working and engaging with children and adults;

  • value fostering children’s social emotional capabilities;

  • passionate about using education to make the world a better place;

  • understand the importance of education to both individuals and society;

  • understand the current education problems (problems with public education systems, problems with education 1.0 model, etc); 

  • commitment to continuous improvement

  • excellent verbal and written communication skills

  • handle confidential information with discretion and diplomacy

  • high-level organization and attention to detail


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