Let's collaborate for our common goal 

As a community, we have the power to change the world.

We invite you to make a difference.

Whether you are an educator who is willing to do extra work for your students' success, a student who are seeking for a better learning experience, or a parent who worries about your child's education, we invite you to partake in improving our education quality. Every contribution you make can help us make reach our goal of making quality education accessible to everyone!


Educator’s Community

In order to improve education quality, we need to know what does and doesn't work in various aspects of education. This is why we established connections with professors, researchers, k-12 teachers, after-school program leaders, summer camp counselors, and school administrators from both public and private schools in different countries to help us analyze and understand what we can improve in our current education system.

Student Interviews

Students are at the center of education, so addressing their concerns is critical to our mission’s success. We take into account students from different backgrounds opinions on education, which will allow understand their learning on a deeper level. Working with college students also helps us understand what factors matter in terms of employment. This provides us with better ideas on how we could prepare students for their futures.

Online Parent's Community    

Our online parent’s community is designed to provide a private space for parents to share their child’s learning experiences from different schools, programs, teachers and education tools. Parents can help each other identify the strengths and weaknesses of the education their child participated in and make better education choices in the future.

Furthermore, we discuss topics that matter for students' personal growth with parents. We also invite parents to monitor and evaluate our educators, lessons, programs, and services to ensure everything provided for their children are up to the highest standard.